Working alongside the ISP Tooway and distributor Internet Anywhere Revolutionary I.T can help you to get connected.


 A large problem in the rural north east of Scotland is poor internet connectivity due to distance from the exchange involving long phone lines.  The longer a cable is the more the signal degrades by the time it gets from A to B.  Because of this many rural places in Scotland are lucky to get so much as 1MB broadband speeds through conventional ADSL over the phone line.


Using Satellite broadband is fast, reliable, and affordable. You can use it anywhere providing there’s a line of sight to the satellite, and it doesn’t need a phone line. It’s quick to install, and it’s good for the environment. With the option to rent or buy the hardware you're free to enjoy fast and stable internet at a price that suits you.


Whether you’re a business or a household we can help you to fully enjoy all the benefits broadband technology can provide.



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