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Free surveys and quotations.... 

we feel it's not fair to expect money from someone before they know if they'll even want what we are selling!
All of our site visits for survey and quotations are completely gratis (even the ones an hour away!)

Remote app connectivity.... 

whether it's domestic or commercial, all of our systems can be connected to through secure SSL encrypted services for remote viewing/playback and recording to local devices. Using Hikvision's cloud services you can have a connection to your devices on any phone, tablet or computer!

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Remote health monitoring....

that notifies us of problems with your system before they interfere with operations! Hikvision health monitoring maintains a connection with your recorder, any major operational issues like your system being offline, cameras disconnecting or hard drive failures and we are emailed the very minute this is detected so we can notify you or if pre-decided, we'll just show up and fix it with no labour charge!

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Highly competitive pricing....

due to our low overheads and outgoings, the savings in these costs are passed directly onto you while having no compromise in experience or service! We're a small yet dedicated team of staff, our outgoings are smaller than the big players and we never compromise our integrity by advising anything other than what's best for the customer.

You are always our first and foremost priority!